Saturday, July 16, 2011

Viva Los "Yoopers!"

     It's not quite the same as "wearing one's heart on one's sleeve," but our new plate for the front of the car does declare our loyalty to a very special place in itself, and in our lives.  The plate may also serve as a conversation starter here--who knows where other Yooper transplants might be?  (Bob actually ran into a guy at Wal-mart who asked if Bob had graduated from Western Illinois University because Bob was wearing their logo shirt--a gift from a sister and brother-in-law on the faculty there.)  So, Yooper connections could be out there, too--we've seen a car around town a few times with another plate:  "Yoosta be a Yooper."  In the local parlance, "viva los Yoopers!"--long live yoopers--wherever they are living today!

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