Friday, July 29, 2011

Birthday Surprise

      "Give it to Grandma, give it to Grandma...."  I heard Esperanza's words to Frankie as they were coming up the driveway.  When I walked out of the bedroom, there stood my grandson, proudly presenting me with a birthday cake he and mama had just purchased at the bakery.  My first-ever "Happy Birthday, Grandma" cake.  And well-timed, too, because even though my birthday is still a few days off,  Frankie will be with his dad that day.  This way, I was able to share cake and candles with him, too.  It was a sweet surprise--in both senses of "sweet!"--made all the more so by having Frankie share in the candle-blowing!  And, yes, of course, Grandma gave Frankie the cherry from the top of the cake!


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