Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Undoing

     How delightful it is to see our pile of boxes shrinking.  We have less than 30 (of the original 90) to unpack and put away.  We have done a little "cheating," though.  Some boxes we've opened and simply stashed their contents away to deal with later.  Other boxes we've opened looking for specific items and then left the rest to unpack at another time.  That means we may actually have more than 30 boxes-worth of content to deal with--but at least the boxes are leaving the house.  Luckily, our new place comes with a small storage shed where we stash the boxes until we can get them to the recycling center in Taos.  We've already deposited about 4 carloads of boxes there.  We remember as we were packing all these up in Marquette with our dear friend and steady assistant, Pat, that she remarked how much more fun the unpacking was going to be; she definitely knew whereof she spoke!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What a Welcome!

Tonight, as Bob and I were settling in for our first night in our new home, we watched in awe from our front window as a full moon slid up through the cloud cover and over the mountaintops to the east. 

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Turning Two

April 18 was Frankie's second birthday--as you can see, fun for all! 

Hiking the west rim of the Rio Grande Gorge

On a sunny day near the end of April, we went exploring along the west rim of the Rio Grande Gorge, located just 7 miles outside Taos and about 8 miles from our new abode.  Besides the Gorge itself and the magnificent views, the herd of nine big horned sheep that showed up as we were leaving was a highlight!

Welcome Home!

Waiting for the moving truck, at the front door of our new "adobe hacienda," we are happy this day has finally arrived.  There is still plenty of work ahead, but we are looking forward to the settling in.  Our welcome mat is already out (we're standing on it in this photo!)

Moving In Day!

     For weeks now we've been focussed on this day, although until last week the actual date was unknown.  Finally, it has arrived.  Our belongings are approximately an hour away,  somewhere between here and Espanola, NM.  Bob, Esperanza and I are impatiently waiting at the house for the first sign of the truck coming up (or down) the road!  Hopefully, the truck can maneuver into our driveway space and get close enough (needs to be within 150 feet of the house) to unload.  If it cannot, then the driver will have to go get a smaller truck, load our things onto that, and return--which will delay the moving in and cost a bit more.  Keeping our fingers crossed!

Friday, May 13, 2011

It's Official!

     As of today, our new address is active.  We can begin receiving mail at
 4 Llama Road, El Prado, NM 87529!  Hooray!!  We also have internet service there, so once our unpacking is a bit under control, we should have more time to update this blog and get re-connected with everyone again.  That will help us feel much more at home.  We'll try to post more pictures soon!


Monday, May 9, 2011

Where we've "been"

     I am stunned to realize that it has been nearly a month since we've posted anything here.  We have been very busy, and have had very limited computer time (since our 2 primary sources of internet close by 6 pm every evening.)  The day after our post on April 17, we had fun celebrating Frankie's 2nd Birthday.  Not long after that, while he was with his Dad, the other 3 of us took a hike along the west rim of the Rio Grand Gorge which is just 8 miles from our new home.  The highlight of that actually came as we were leaving.  On our return drive across the Gorge bridge, we spotted a herd of nine big-horn sheep clambering along the steep walls of the gorge.  Of course, we parked the car, got out, watched their efforts and took pictures.
     Another amusing incident came a few days later.  We were in the library parking lot, getting into our car, when we spotted an endearing "license plate" on the front of the car across from us.  It read "Used to be a Yooper."  For those of you not from Michigan's Upper Peninsula, a "Yooper" is someone who is a native of the "U.P." or someone who is significantly rooted there, as we feel we will always be.
     This past weekend, we managed to get in another hike along a mountain trail which we found in a book titled, "Day Hikes in the Taos Area."  This trail was described as gradually gaining elevation, and being especially interesting since it crosses a creek several times and there are lots of wildflowers.  Well, it was apparently too early for wildflowers, but the part about crossing a creek several times was an understatement!  It crossed that creek about every 200 yards or so.  And each crossing was challenging in its own way.  Some required us to balance on large rocks.  Others provided a fallen tree, or a combination of rocks and tree.  We all did quite well with each crossing until about halfway down the mountain on our return when Caryl slipped on a very wet rock underfoot, lost her balance, and plunged sideways into the rushing stream.  Fortunately, she escaped with "only" large bruises on her upper thigh--nothing broken!!  
      When we're not discovering hiking trails or playing in local parks with Frankie, we've been quite busy setting up utilities, phone, internet, trash disposal, etc. at our new address.  The previous tenant is still using the box for our address, so we have been unable to make an official change of address.  That is a bit frustrating, to say the least.  Hopefully, she will soon relinquish her key so we can begin collecting our mail in the box just up the road,  and using the Llama Road address rather than General Delivery in Taos.  Meanwhile, we're eager to begin unpacking what we so tediously packed weeks ago, and to begin finding places for them in our new home. 

The Boxes are coming!!!

Our boxes--all 91 of them, hopefully--are on their way from Marquette to Taos, along with the sofa, chairs, table, and the BED!!  We have missed our bed.....Anyway, the truck is supposed to arrive at our new address this Saturday, May 14.  It may even arrive earlier.  We are very excited about finally being able to get settled here in our new mountain home.