Saturday, July 23, 2011

Another First for Us

     We've been feeding hummingbirds for years now.  The ones that have come to our feeders in Marquette were the ruby-throats--mostly a shimmering green with a bright red neckline (especially on the males.)  Now that the "hummers" have located our feeders in New Mexico, we've noticed there are two varieties vying for sole ownership.  The second is a rufous hummingbird which, when it catches the NM sunlight, looks almost golden.  We think we have about 4 regular birds coming to our feeders and they entertain us with constant "dog-fights" throughout the day, spending most of their time chasing each other away from the food source; once in a while, they pause to actually indulge.  Yesterday morning, we were flabbergasted to see 3 of them feeding simultaneously on the same feeder.

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