Saturday, July 30, 2011

Joke's On Us!

     When we were here visiting last December, Bob, Esperanza and I enjoyed a really wonderful hike on a trail not far from town.   It was in the mountains but only moderately challenging, and rewarded us with a very spectacular view of a mountain peak to the south. 
Since moving to New Mexico, we have tried unsuccessfully almost a dozen times to return to that trail.  Each of us was absolutely positive it began just outside of town and on the left side of the road.  We were also all positive it began on a highway just east of where Esperanza's apartment is.  We even stopped in at the US Forest Service office and spoke with a trail expert who guessed at several possibilities, but who must have been shaking his head in puzzlement as we left. 
     Well, today we found it!  Quite by accident.  We weren't even looking for it.  No, we were headed to a music festival at a ski resort about 30 minutes away.  Shortly after leaving Taos, both Bob and I saw the trail head and exclaimed, almost simultaneously, "there it is!"   We had been right all along about its being near town and on the left side of the road--we'd just been picturing it on the wrong highway! 

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