Thursday, July 7, 2011

Taos Plaza Live!

     A delightful summer event in Taos happens every Thursday from 6 pm-8pm:  Taos Plaza Live.  This is a fun (and free) evening of  live band music and dancing in the plaza (square) of downtown Taos.  Each week, there are 2 bands that perform for an hour each, and each week there are different bands so the community and visitors get to experience a variety of music and local talent.  It's a very popular event and we have managed to attend 3 times. 
     The first time, we took a picnic supper and were spectators all evening.  However, as we left, Bob said, "next time, we'll dance."  Well, the next time we went, all 3 of us were coping with new colds and no one felt much like dancing.            
     Tonight when we left home for the plaza, Bob remarked that we probably still weren't up for the dancing and I agreed.  Much to my surprise, however, near the end of the evening, Bob leaned over and asked if I wanted to join the dancers after all.  The band was playing a pretty fast tune but we danced with abandon to the whole piece.  When the music stopped, I asked Bob what moved him to get out and dance at that point.  He'd thought it was the last song!  To my delight, and I think his as well, there were two more tunes before the evening ended--so we "cut the rug" until the last note was played.
     Thus, today, for the first time, we danced in New Mexico at an elevation of 6,000 feet--and are still breathing! 

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