Thursday, September 8, 2011

"Maybe this Weekend...."

     The midwife's words to Esperanza today:  "Maybe this weekend..." have made us all a bit jittery with excitement.  She's 4 days away from her due-date, and we're spending all our time together at this point.  Bob and I returned to her spare bedroom this past Sunday night and will be staying there for the next few weeks now.  We get out to our house daily, to water flowers, pay bills, check mail and e-mail.  After dinner, we return to Esperanza's for the night.
     Two more "bets" have come in for when little Hope Rose may put in her appearance.  Friend Carol in Montana thinks maybe it will happen on her hubby's 70th birthday, Sept. 14 (Esperanza would prefer not to wait that long) and Bob's sister Mary Lou in Michigan is betting on the due date itself, Sept. 12.  We'll soon know!
     It's hard to imagine life with two wonderful grandchildren to love and "spoil."  I sometimes wonder whether our hearts are big enough, we've felt so totally "in love" with Frankie.  Yet we know many parents and grandparents have wondered the same and found, in amazement, that there is always more love, and enough to embrace each child and grandchild.  Much more stretching and growing seems to be in our near future.

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