Friday, September 16, 2011

Hope--Highly Anticipated

     Esperanza is now 4 days past her due date (40 weeks and 4 days into her pregancy.)  Yesterday the doctor ordered some tests at the hospital for early this morning.  We now know that little Hope Rose is just fine, that she IS a baby girl (who already has lots of hair), and that if she hasn't put in her appearance on her own by Monday, the 19th, Esperanza will go into the hospital at 8 am to have labor induced.  (Hope's big brother was born on the 18th of April; maybe Hope, too, will come on the 18th!) 
     It is now no more than three days until we meet this newest addition to our family.  We are all very eager to get acquainted.  Her big brother, Frankie, will soon be learning what all the hubbub about a "little sister" means.  Many changes ahead in all our lives--we can hardly wait!

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