Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Taos Rocky Mountain High


     What a huge "high" we're on tonight after the delightful experience of the "virtual shower" for Esperanza.  It was like having a gathering of our women family members right in our living room.  We talked, laughed, measured Esperanza's belly with toilet tissue, got a little caught up on family, and, of course, opened gifts.  I don't think any of us quite knew what to expect of this experience, but everything went really well.  A couple of internet disconnects occurred, but those were easily remedied by another phone call.  Earlier, I had worried a little that the impending storm could cause a power outage and spoil the event, but no such "spirit dampening" happened.
     I had consulted earlier, with my sister who was hosting the shower, about her menu.  Then we had the same meal, with a slight variation on dessert:  Chicken Fajitas, Rice, Strawberry Cheesecake (they had Strawberry Trifle) and Margaritas (ours were the "virgin" version, in deference to Esperanza's pregnancy.)  We also bought flowers arranged in a baby crib that is also a music box, playing Brahm's Lullaby, and a colorful Baby Girl balloon.  AND, we sat down to eat at the same hour we knew the party-goers were eating in Illinois.  All of this made it seem as if there were no miles at all between us--until we had to sign off.  Kisses were blown and wishes for safe delivery were offered, as well as promises made to keep everyone posted about the baby's arrival.  And, yes, a few tears welled up but they were joyful ones at having had such a special experience, and feeling excited to think that "seeing" one another again, in spite of all the miles that separate us, is now only a phone call away! 



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