Monday, August 15, 2011

Expecting Hope

     Only 28 days until Esperanza's due-date, Sept. 12.  It also happens to be my brother Mike's birthday, but that will likely be overshadowed by the arrival of our second grandchild who we're expecting to be a little girl.  Her name will be Hope Rose.  We're all getting quite excited to meet her.  We've been buying pink and ruffles and feminine.  Frankie has learned to say "Hope," but we know he won't begin to comprehend all this talk about "baby sister," "big brother" until some time later. 
     Our plan is to move in again with Esperanza around September 1 so we can be there if she needs to go to the hospital during the night.  (She lives only about 5 minutes from the hospital; we live about 20 minutes from it.)  We may be needed to care for Frankie if he happens to be with her when she goes into labor.  We've imagined several possible scenarios for what may happen, but when the time comes, it will probably all unfold in ways we hadn't imagined.

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  1. That's so exciting! I love the name she picked and it's significance!