Monday, March 21, 2011


Whoops!  Put the skids on.  Up until today, things were going so smoothly.  We have 52 boxes packed up (which means most of the apartment is now corrugated).  The yard swing is dismantled and ready to load onto a truck.  About a third of the kitchen is already boxed. This morning the new renter called.  She's changed her mind.  Back to square one finding someone to take over our lease.  This could mean a significant delay in our plans.  A couple is coming from downstate to look at the apartment tomorrow. And a woman who saw our ad on craigslist responded to pictures I e-mailed her that "it's just what she's looking for" and would even send the deposit if it would be held for her until May.  So they're still out there.  We just need someone to sign on the dotted line and make that deposit with the landlord before we can drive off toward the southwest. 

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