Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hello, Sunshine!

A very pleasant change for us will be an increase in sunny days once we've moved to Taos.  Marquette sees sunshine 48% of the year, but in Taos the sun shines 70% of possible hours annually!
      Other interesting comparisons are:
       Population                                    Marquette 20,714                    Taos 5,062
       Average snowfall                        Marquette   110 inches           Taos    35 inches*
       Warmest daytime average      Marquette   76 degrees           Taos    80+ degrees
       Lowest winter average             Marquette    11 degrees          Taos    10 degrees

*For those of you who know Taos as a famous ski area, the ski area (Taos Ski Valley) is about 30 minutes northeast of the town of Taos and about 3,000 feet higher.  The average snowfall there is a whopping 321 inches!!!  (No wonder its population is only 57!)

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