Thursday, June 16, 2011

Why We Love Being Here

    Taos is world-renowned as a ski resort, an artists' paradise, and a spiritual mecca.  Although we expect we'll enjoy much of all of these assets while we're here, what we love about our new life here has nothing at all to do with Taos or New Mexico.  What we love is being part of moments like the ones in these photos.  
    Friends, family, and new acquaintances here (like the hairdresser yesterday) ask how we like New Mexico or living in Taos.  It's hard to answer--especially to local folk who are expecting us to comment on Taos' charm. The charm, for us, is in these faces--Esperanza's and Frankie's.  Whatever attraction Taos holds in store for us will forever be secondary to their pull on our hearts!  

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