Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Joke's on Us!

     It is April, after all, the month beginning with pranks and jokes.  This one just occurred a bit belatedly.  We were driving west through Missouri yesterday on U.S. Highway 36 which parallels I-70 but is a much more pleasant drive.  One drawback, however, is that services are not readily marked at exits. 
     We were looking for a gas station when we approached the little town of Clarence, MO.  As soon as we turned off the highway and headed into town, Caryl spotted a station at the first corner.  While stopped at the preceding intersection, we commented on the antique car parked in the gas station lot.  Then we made our left turn and pulled into the station, with Bob noting that there were a couple of other antiques pulled up at the pumps.  As Caryl turned off the engine, we realized simultaneously that this "gas station" was some sort of museum:  There were 4 or 5 antiques parked there and inside each one was a mannequin or two as driver and passengers.  There was even a mannequin inside the station, looking out the window!  The final straw was when we spied the posted fuel price: 31.9 cents!! 
      We drove off with the suspicion that the few neighbors in nearby houses were probably getting their morning chuckle at our expense. 

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